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Get to know AboutHealth.

When healthcare experts compare states across the country, Wisconsin is consistently ranked among the best for care quality and efficiency. Collectively, AboutHealth’s six healthcare systems are among the highest in the state for quality and efficiency. AboutHealth members include:

We are Wisconsin-based health systems that are dedicated to being the best at delivering quality, efficient healthcare in the state. By working together, we can accomplish more, better and faster, providing appropriate, accessible healthcare to the communities we serve.

What does this mean for you?

Throughout the state, patients receive consistent, high-quality healthcare through shared learning of best practices. Our communities enjoy exceptional healthcare providers who help create healthier, more productive workforces. A continuous drive to be the best keeps us focused on delivering quality, efficient care.

Our Mission and Vision.

AboutHealth will, through collaboration and sharing among member systems, lead transformational change in healthcare in Wisconsin. We will deliver more consistent and reliable high-quality healthcare at a lower, more affordable cost.

AboutHealth believes in:

  • Accountability—we promise to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. Our proof is based on measurable data-driven clinical improvement results.
  • Innovation—our unique partnership benefits patients and their families as well as employees of our healthcare members.
  • Collaboration—our teamwork makes great care better and more affordable for everyone.
  • You—our focus is on the right care at the right time at the right price.

Collaboration is the key to our success.

Sharing clinical data and best care practices to deliver the highest value care.

Capitalizing on our purchasing strengths; reducing supply costs and many more purchased services.

Accelerating the shift from today's volume-based, fee-for-service payment method to a value-based method that rewards healthcare providers for their quality and efficiency.

Taking great pride in knowing that the work the members' employees are doing radically transforms the way healthcare is provided and enhances the patient experience.

Our unique focus forms our foundation.

We are focused on and committed to improving four specific areas that directly affect the quality and price of healthcare provided to the patients we serve.

  1. Health and Value Improvement—We identify significant health improvement opportunities, then share and implement best clinical practices to deliver the most appropriate care to each individual patient. The outcomes are better performance, better quality of life, increased productivity, and lower costs.
  2. Decision Information/Analytics—A data warehouse to aggregate clinical outcomes with shared electronic claims data for identification and prioritization of health improvement opportunities.
  3. Shared Services—We actively pursue opportunities for our healthcare members to realize direct savings through coordinated purchase and logistic decisions.
  4. Value Based Payment—We are accelerating the shift from volume-based, fee-for-service payment to a value-based payment method. This method better supports provider performance. It rewards healthcare providers for their quality and efficiency—helping to reduce unnecessary spending—benefiting everyone!
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