Health and Value Improvement

We bring value to healthcare through our Collaboratives.

When you are one of the state’s top healthcare systems, you are committed to excellence. Yet, because each of our members is driven to continually improve, we hunger for new ways to deliver the highest quality and most efficient care. During our ongoing Collaboratives, our six healthcare members share their expertise and experience on innovative and improved ways to deliver the best care for those conditions of greatest importance to employers and community members.

By sharing best practices, across our healthcare systems, we are able to streamline processes and implement the best procedures to help patients. The Collaboratives touch all individuals within a practice: physicians, nurses, laboratory, recovery, x-ray, the list goes on. By including all touchpoints, we effectively ensure the learning is broad reaching and is implemented across disciplines.

The Collaborative Process

When you hear the word “collaborative,” you may think of “two or more people working together.” At AboutHealth, a collaborative is a living, breathing process with the goal to dramatically improve the quality of healthcare provided to our members’ patients.

Here’s our Collaborative Process:

  • We reach out to local payers, employers and patients to discover what healthcare needs are important to our communities.
  • We then work with our healthcare members to identify best practices that affect the identified healthcare needs, choosing which will be our focus in the upcoming year.
  • We host a collaborative kick-off for our healthcare members. These kick-offs take place in a central location and span from one to two days. Here by means of member presentations and break-out sessions attendees can learn from our 'best in class' physicians, nurses, and supporting staff working in various areas related to the healthcare need.
  • Our healthcare members adapt and adopt the best practices, implementing them into their practice.
  • We track and hold each other accountable for our performance against state and national benchmarks, ensuring continued improvement.

Collaboratives result in transformational care: reliable and consistent, delivered across all members, so our system's employees and patients receive the highest quality care.

Examples of our Collaborative initiatives:

  • Diabetes
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Elective Low Back Surgery
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Opioid Use/Misuse
  • Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Sepsis
  • Complex Care Management
  • Post Acute Care
  • Behavioral Health

To learn more about our Collaboratives, read our Value Report.

Video testimonials

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Mike McGrail, MD
Aspirus Network
System Chief Medical Officer

Steve Kulick, MD
Former Chief Medical Officer

What does this mean for you?

These best practices are used across the six healthcare systems. Throughout the state, patients receive consistent, higher quality care through the shared learning of best methods for treating specific healthcare needs.

That results in a healthier, more productive, less costly workforce, as well as access to the highest quality healthcare providers, whose primary purpose is to keep you well and get you back to good health.

While our current rankings are impressive, we want to continuously improve to be the “best of the best” in delivering quality and efficient healthcare.

We truly deliver on quality and efficiency.

AboutHealth takes pride in the quality and efficiency of each of our six healthcare systems. Yet, we don’t simply celebrate their accomplishments individually. We use information and data analytics from Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) and the Wisconsin Collaborative on Healthcare Quality (WCHQ), independent third-party organizations, to measure our six healthcare systems’ performance against all others throughout the state.

Advancing community health.

  • We are committed to changing the behavior and clinical factors/influencers that affect both medical and non-medical aspects of one’s healthcare.
  • By gaining a better understanding of these influencers, AboutHealth members work with local communities to develop and improve health initiatives that address one’s physical environment, social and economic status, health behaviors, and clinical care that may adversely affect a community’s overall health and well-being.

What does this mean for you?

  • Thriving, robust communities where people want to live, create jobs, and work.
  • Reduced consumer and community healthcare cost.
  • Enhanced quality of life.